Forest Path Academy

Helping families on their homeschool journey


Forest Path Academy is offering a complete virtual learning program for the fall 2020 quarter.   

The distance learning option includes all classes:  English, Math, Science, History, Music, Spanish, Art.   

Our fall quarter meets for 11 weeks from Sept 8 - Nov 20th.  We are closed between Thanksgiving and Christmas and resume classes in January.  In January, families  will have the option to transition to in-person classes, drop from the program, or continue with distance learning in the event the coronovirus situation is not yet under control.  

Students will use Google Classroom to access assignments. Each class will also include 1-2 Zoom classes weekly for instruction and interaction with classmates.  For some classes, such as high school science, students will Zoom into the regular in person class.  For other classes, there will be a separate class for the distance learning students meeting once a week.  The final schedule for the zoom classes will be posted on Aug 21, however all core classes will be on Tues, Wed, and Thurs between 9:00 and 2:00.  Students will receive a box with supplies for art activities and science experiments so they can participate at home.  

For all classes, the full week of assignments will be posted before Mon morning and will be due at the end of the week by Sunday night, allowing students flexibility for when to complete and turn in assignments.


For younger students, families may choose to enroll in our PreK/Kinder in a Box program. This includes art supplies, activities, and other fun activities as well as short videos that parent and child can watch together.