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Eighth Grade at Forest Path Academy

This class is for eighth grade students. All students are placed in Math based on their math ability level. For other classes, they are grouped with their age level. Content areas in history, science, and literature are challenging and interesting even for very gifted students. 9th grade students may also join this class. The 8th program meets twice a week on Tues and Thurs from 9:00-4:00pm.


This class will focus on strengthening writing skills. Students will learn the six traits needed for successful writing including content, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions. Students will learn to write a 5 paragraph essay through book reports and other writing assignments. Grammar instruction will also be continued.


Students will explore creative writing as well as structured writing. They will read a variety of books including both classic titles and newer works. Some books covered include The Diary of Ann Frank, Ender’s Game, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Math: Student may select the math program for their ability level.  Either 8th Grade Math (Saxon); Pre-Algebra; or Algebra 1 may be selected.  Class times may vary based upon the class selected.   

Science: Physical Science

Physical science includes both chemistry and physics. This hands-on laboratory class will explore key concepts in physical science. Children will learn about motion, force, and energy; electricity and magnetism; and sound and light through experiments, model building and creative projects.  Chemistry can be defined as the study of matter and energy and the interactions between them. Student will learn important facts about the universe through exploration and experimentation. Students will be encouraged to make hypothesis based on what they have learned.

History: World History Year Two

We’ll complete our two year overview of World History, beginning with the Renaissance and continuing through modern times. We’ll use both written activities and creative activities to study the time period in depth. Students will have several projects as well as research activities and papers to complete and we will work on the the steps involved in writing a research project as well as MLA format.

Art: Exploring the Elements of Design

In this course , children will learn basic principles of design such as line, value, space, etc. The class will have an opportunity to experiment with these principles using a variety of media such as charcoal, paint, and clay. Students will continue to study art history while viewing various artists’ work using these design principles.


Our Band program meets twice weekly, both beginner and advanced band is available.


Students will learn conversational Spanish.  We'll cover important phrases, subject/verb agreement, sentence structure, and more.   There will be a textbook as well as music, games, and fun!