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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 713 Moore Rd, Alvin TX 77511.  We are at the Friendswood/Alvin border just a few minutes from the sports park. 

My child is advanced for his age.   Should I put him with his current grade level or with his age level?

Children are generally placed with their age level according to public school guidelines, and with their math level as determined by placement test.  Although very bright children may be significantly out performing their peers in math and reading areas, they typically are not more mature  and may in fact lag behind their peers emotionally.    Another consideration is content area- although a 6 year old may be able to read a ninth-grade text, the content will be too mature for them.  Gross motor and fine motor skills are also generally at the age-level and not advanced.  Since, for the most part,  our classes are hands-on and not textbook based children will be better off with their age group based on their emotionally maturity and manual dexterity. We provide optional activities for the  more advanced students to keep them challenged.  We have found after many years of offering classes that the very bright children do better with their age group and that if put with older kids they are frequently unhappy.    We are happy to work with you to find the class that is best suited for your child.  

I notice you now require K-2nd students to attend 3 days a week.  Can my child attend 2 days only?

We recently switched our K-2 program from a 2 day a week program to a 3 day program. This is to allow consistency with math and phonics instruction.  Children need daily practice in phonics to progress, and requiring all students to attend Tues - Thurs allows our teachers to cover new material all 3 of the days and really build on the concepts taught throughout the week.  We found in the past that students who only attended twice a week were falling significantly behind  in reading compared to the students who attended  3 days.  These younger students also need direct instruction in their math and reading, whereas older students can work on assignments independently, so it is easier to send home lessons once students are older.  Once students are fluent readers (grade 3) we are back to the two day program, with the third day as an optional study hall environment.  

My child has a learning disability.   Can they attend class?

We have a number of students with learning disabilities such as ADD and dyslexia.  Since most classes are hands-on, and additional academics are covered by the parent, the program is suitable for many students with learning disabilities.   Please contact us with your specific situation.  Generally we can accommodate learning differences but do not have the resources for children with severe behavioral issues.  

What is your religious affiliation?   Is this a religious- based program?

We are a non-religious (secular) program and use secular material.  We are inclusive and open to home-schoolers of all religious backgrounds, and we feel that our classes are  suitable for children from all religious backgrounds.   Classes are not taught from a particular religious perspective as  we feel that religious education is best handled by the parent, and there are differences in opinion even among people of the same denomination.  We stress the subject matter and activities in our classes, and if a religious question arises we are respectful and supportive of student's religious beliefs.  Parents are encouraged to use each week's classes as a springboard for religious discussions at home.   

Do you provide report cards or grades?

Grades and quarterly report cards are provided for most classes first grade and up.   For the upper grades,  we use an online grading system so that you can log in and view your child's grades at anytime.  We do NOT provide transcripts.  If you drop from our program and plan to enroll in public school, you can create your own transcript as a home school parent.   Home schooling is legally considered a private school in the state of Texas, and there isn't a difference in a transcript from our program as a non- accredited private school or from you as a homeschool parent (which is also considered a non-accredited private school.) 

My child is in high school, and I may want to re-enroll in public school. How do I handle that?

I usually advise parents with high school students to decide if they want to homeschool or be in public school for high school. It can be very challenging to go back and forth, and your child will likely need to retake classes.  As a homeschooling high school student, your student can enroll at any of the community colleges as a dual credit student, and it is very easy to enroll in college with a homeschool transcript.  Homeschooling in high school is easy, and there are lots of options to outsource classes and find social interactions.  However, if trying to return to public school most public high schools are reluctant to give credit for classes taken as a homeschooler.  I believe this is due to rigid UIL and sports eligibility requirements, as student need to maintain GPAs. If a child drops out of school, and then returns the next year with a perfect transcript and wants credit for precalculus and chemistry, the school wants some assurance they have actually completed these classes satisfactorily.  You will need to speak to your school district individually as they have different requirements. Generally your child will need to take a test to show their mastery of the subject.  The University of Texas offers credit by exam for various high school subjects. According to guidance issued by the TEA,  homeschoolers are  eligible for the "credit recovery" option (70% or better score) and should not be held to the "credit acceleration" score (80% or better score.) If you are definitely wanting to return to public high school you may want to look into an accredited online program to ensure you receive credit for your classes.