Forest Path Academy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 607 South Friendswood Drive Suite 10.   South Friendswood Drive is the same as 518.  We are on 518 between 528 and 2351 in the Sherwin Williams shopping center (the same center as Chase Bank and Funky Monkey.)  We're in the corner next to the dance studio  and Brassiere 1895

My child is advanced for his age.   Should I put him with his current grade level or with his age level?

Although very bright children may be significantly out performing their peers in math and reading areas, they typically are not more mature  and may in fact lag behind their peers emotionally.    Another consideration is content area- although a 6 year old may be able to read a ninth-grade text, the content may be too mature for them.  Gross motor and fine motor skills are also generally at the age-level and not advanced.  Since, for the most part,  our classes are hands-on and not textbook based children will be better off with their age group based on their emotionally maturity and manual dexterity. We provide optional activities for the  more advanced students to keep them challenged.  We have found after many years of offering classes that the very bright children do better with their age group and that if put with older kids they are frequently unhappy.    We are happy to work with you to find the class that is best suited for your child.  

My child has a learning disability.   Can they attend class?

We have a number of students with learning disabilities such as ADD and dyslexia.  Since most classes are hands-on, and additional academics are covered by the parent, the program is suitable for many students with learning disabilities.   Please contact us with your specific situation.

What is your religious affiliation?   Is this a religious- based program?

We are an inclusive program open to home-schoolers of all religious backgrounds, and we feel that our classes are  suitable for children from all religious backgrounds.  Classes are not taught from a particular religious perspective as  we feel that religious education is best handled by the parent, and there are differences in opinion even among people of the same denomination.  We stress the subject matter and activities in our classes, and if a religious question arises we are respectful and supportive of student's religious beliefs.  Parents are encouraged to use each week's classes as a springboard for religious discussions at home.   

Do you provide report cards or grades?

Grades are provided for most classes in grades 3 and up.   For the lower levels, grades are generally given only for math.  We use an online grading system so that you can log in and view your child's grades at anytime.