Forest Path Academy

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Sixth and Seventh Grade at Forest Path Academy

This class is for 6th/7th grade students, based on public school age guidelines.. All students are placed in math based on their math ability level. For other classes, they are grouped with their age level. Content areas in history, science, and literature are challenging and interesting even for very gifted students. The 6/7 program meets twice a week on Tues and Thurs from 9:00-3:45.


This class will focus on strengthening writing skills. Students will learn the six traits needed for successful writing including content, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions. Students will learn to write a 5 paragraph essay through book reports and other writing assignments. Grammar instruction will also be continued.


Our literature selections this year include a number of historical fiction that tie into our history program as well as classic works. In class we’ll enjoy art activities, theater projects and games, and discussion time. Homework includes daily reading assignments, vocabulary words, and study questions. This year’s books include Number the Stars, Across 5 Aprils, Out of the Dust, and the Westing Game.

Math: Students will continue with the Saxon math program as their core curriculum with additional supplemental materials added.

Science- Physics

This hands-on class will explore key concepts in physical science. Children will learn about motion, force, and energy; electricity and magnetism; and sound and light through experiments, model building and creative projects.

History: Civil War through Modern Times

This class will start with the Civil War and continue through modern times. Our textbook will include Joy Hakim’s A History of Us. We’ll use both written activities and creative activities to study the time period in depth.

Art: Exploring the Elements of Design

In this course , children will learn basic principles of design such as line, value, space, etc. The class will have an opportunity to experiment with these principles using a variety of media such as charcoal, paint, and clay. Students will continue to study art history while viewing various artists’ work using these design principles.


Our Band program meets twice weekly, both beginner and advanced band is available.


Our Spanish Enrichment classes will introduce the Spanish language and Latin American/Spanish cultures in a “fun” atmosphere. There will be a variety of activities including flashcards, videos, games, and songs. We will build on our previous instruction and start learning additional grammar and vocabulary . The skill level taught will vary with the age of the student. Our goal will be to build a strong language foundation while having lots of fun!