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Third Grade at Forest Path Academy


This class is for third based on public school age guidelines. Students should be strong readers for this class. Third grade students who are at a significantly lower level will be placed in the 2nd grade language arts class but continue with the third class in other subjects.

The  program meets Tues and Thurs from 9:00-3:45 and Wed from 9:00-2:00.  This grade MAY be  combined with 2nd for some subjects such as music or Spanish; but is separated for language arts and math classes based on their reading level.

All textbooks are provided, non-consumable books will be returned at the end of the school year.


Third grade continues with Saxon phonics and spelling and begins to learn grammar rules.  We’ll start cursive handwriting using the Handwriting without Tears program. In addition to spelling and grammar we’ll enjoy a variety of creative writing exercises.


Our literature class this year will explore a variety of classic children’s books such as the Boxcar Children, Pippi Longstocking, Charlotte's Web, and Little House on the Prairie. In class we’ll enjoy art activities, theater projects and games, and discussion time. Homework includes daily reading assignments, vocabulary words, and study questions

Math: Saxon Math, supplemented with other activities. All students are placed in Math based on their math ability level. A placement test is given the first week of class.

Science: Either Chemistry or Earth and Space

We utilize an A/B year system.  2nd and 3rd Grade will enjoy either Chemistry or Earth and Space Science.   They will have one subject in 2nd and one subject in 3rd. For 2022-2022, they will study Earth and Space.

Science: Chemistry Matters

Chemistry can be  defined as the study of matter and energy and the interactions between them.  In this class, children will learn important facts about the universe through exploration, experimentation, and fun!     We will begin with an overview of  fundamentals  such as molecules and atoms and the phases of matter.  Once these basics are  covered, we'll explore different topics each week through fun and hands-on experiments.  Children will be encouraged to make hypothesis  based on what they have learned.

Science: Earth and Space

Come explore the night sky, then travel beneath the surface of the earth!  Learn about planets through geological experiments, make a comet, and build your own telescope.  These are just a few of the fascinating things we will do and study along with galaxies, planets, stars, nebulas and more. We'll also explore beneath the earth as we study rocks and minerals and  volcanoes.  We will learn about the rock cycle and types of rocks, explore a variety of rock specimens, and enjoy lots of experiments and hands on activities.   Join us for a hands on journey through the deep sky and beyond.

History: Either Ancient Civilizations or Middle Ages 

We utilize an A/B year system.  2nd and 3rd Grade will enjoy either Ancient Civilizations or the Middle Ages.  They will have one subject in 2nd and one subject in 3rd. For 2022-2023, they will study The Middle Ages.

History: Ancient Civilizations

Young archaeologists will uncover clues as to what life was like in Ancient Mesopotamia through hands-on activities including making bricks for our city, writing on clay tablets, and making up hero stories inspired by Gilgamesh Next, children move on to Egypt where they will write in hieroglyphics, dress in Egyptian clothing, play ancient games, build a model pyramid and more. Finally we will study life in Ancient Greece and Rome. Hands-on activities including model making and crafts will be used as well as some cooperative group activities, research, and presentation.. Weekly assignments and projects will be assigned. This class will include study of classic Greek and Roman literature.

History: The Middle Ages.  

In this class, students will explore life in the Middle Ages.  We will learn about knights and castles, monks and manuscripts, Vikings, and historical figures such as William the Conqueror and Joan of Arc. We'll also learn about life in the middle ages including food, clothing, and society.  We'll enjoy hands on activities such as making a book and building a castle- and everyone's favorite, storming the castle with catapults!  


3rd grade students will enjoy a general music class with a recorder ensemble.  

Art: Discovering Great Artists

The children will learn about the life and artistic style of many of the world's famous artist. Hands-on activities using a variety of mediums will help reinforce concepts learned.


Our Spanish Enrichment classes will introduce the Spanish language and Latin American/Spanish cultures in a “fun” atmosphere. There will be a variety of activities including flashcards, videos, games, and songs. We will build on our previous instruction and start learning additional grammar and vocabulary . The skill level taught will vary with the age of the student. Our goal will be to build a strong language foundation while having lots of fun!